Week 2


During this week we will cover Days 4-6 from The LoveDare – print the study handout for your journal time, click on the links below for discussions, and finally videos!


Print > Week 2 HANDOUT – My Love Dare Study



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6 Responses to Week 2

  1. lindaasn says:

    Oh, Celeta, I just watched the first day of week two. I was thinking of you during the whole filming and sending love and prayers to you. You sent us love and thoughtfulness during this viddo. Knowing you were not feeling well but still thought of us and the Journey to the Lord before yourself, said so much that I don’t even have the words. I feel like!e i am rambling but you moved me greatly. I can’t wait to get further with this journey. God bless you.

  2. lindaasn says:

    Thank you, thank you! I am already printing the freebies for this week. I cant wait to see how I want to use them. And to see how you used them.

  3. lindaasn says:

    It has been interesting going through each of these topics. Some I have a lot of highlights and writings and others very little. Each one I write out the entire bible verse and the ones before it or after it. And in each one I do write a prayer and I write the words or sentences that I have highlighted. With Lent coming and journaling about it every day, I might fall behind but you remind us that it isn’t a time restraint as long as we complete it.

    • CeletaC says:

      Even after five years, I still see new things & looking back on my notes are such a treasure. You are so right – I’m a firm believer there’s noting wrong with a slow pace…. the study is here for you whenever you’re ready ☺️

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