Week 3


Welcome to week three!  During this week we will cover Days 7-10 from The LoveDare – print the study handout for your journal time, then click on the links below for discussions, and finally videos!!




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4 Responses to Week 3

  1. lindaasn says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.

  2. lindaasn says:

    I am reading the discussion for Dare 7. I am confused about writing negative things about God. I have not watched the video so I am not sure if you go into this further. Can you explain a little more about the negative side? Maybe it is my age but I think that any negatives have to be God’s work in my life. I guess while I am asking this I am answering my own question, however I would like to still hear a little more about that.
    Thank you.

    • CeletaC says:

      In my discussion notes, take a look at the last paragraph, “The Dare today….” Since God is only positive, I chose to make a list about myself. Hope this helps!

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