Week 6


Welcome to week six! This is the half-way mark – can you believe it???During this next week we will cover Days 18-21 from The LoveDare – click on the links below for discussions and print the study handout for your journal time!




Study Schedule

Celeta’s Journey

4 Responses to Week 6

  1. lindaasn says:

    Hi. Again I want to think you for keeping us up on this study. I do have a request. One week one you gave us a freebie with all the weeks tabs included. On that sheet you also gave us tabs with the topic names per study, however, it was just for week one and week two. Would it be possible to have tabs for the rest of the weeks? I use the flowers in my journal to mark the weeks study, but I used the tabs in the book to mark the topics so I could go back and reread one easily. Thank you for listening.

    • CeletaC says:

      Yes ma’am!!! God is so on top of your request – I created them over the weekend ☺️ – just look on the freebies tab & you should see them

    • CeletaC says:

      And I just realized I didn’t post the link on the main blog 🤪

      • lindaasn says:

        I just looked in there for something and saw that they were there. Ii thought that either you were really fast or I just didn’t look very well. Thank you so much!!! Blessed day.

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